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Reverie Altar watercolor painting by Phoebe Stout of Untold Imprint
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original watercolor paintings by Untold Imprint
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My recent trip to Tulum, Mexico was, in many ways, like a dream come true. Having time away to relax and read on the beach was the most wonderful vacation I could imagine. And then add to that, the beautiful setting, warm people, and all-day sunshine – well, it all feels kind of like a daydream.

I was floating in the ocean one day, looking down at my toes, painted fuchsia red against the gorgeous blue green ocean, and I thought – I need to paint these colors.

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new moon

New Moon watercolor painting by Phoebe Stout for Untold Imprint

I started painting this print on November 6th, 2018. There was something about the energy and excitement of the day made me feel so deeply that I should start working on a new pattern. It turned out to be a historic day for women, and for our country – a new beginning.

One of my favorite quotes is by Arundhati Roy ~ “A new world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” I think of it so often these days, and had it playing on a loop in my head on November 6th and 7th. A new world is truly on her way, led by the most inspiring and courageous women.

I sat with the start of this painting over the holidays, revisiting it – letting my thoughts wander, my body feel. I generally work this way. I’ll start a new pattern and then over the course of a few days, or sometimes weeks, I think about it and let the painting evolve slowly, adding to it and revising. This one led me to the new moon, a time of rebirth. I set an intention for finishing it on the weekend of January 5th, 2019 and cut my screen to begin printing the following week. It all felt so right and good, as if pieces were falling into place. I don’t ever print a pattern that I don’t love, but there are sometimes patterns that I feel more connected to than others. This is certainly one of them. I hope it will bring to you all the positive vibes and faith that it has sparked in me.

New Moon celebrates new beginnings ~ brought forth by the creative, wise, and intuitive energy of our cosmic mother.

The start of my ‘New Moon’ pattern with the names of just some of the incredible, awe-inspiring women who ran for office on Nov 6th.

The start of my ‘New Moon’ pattern with the names of just some of the incredible, awe-inspiring women who ran for office on Nov 6th.

water's edge

Water's Edge painting by Phoebe Stout for Untold Imprint
Water's Edge Organic cotton tee by Untold Imprint
Water's Edge tank dress by Untold Imprint

My spirit found home among great trees, at a water's edge.

I was looking for a quote about nature to accompany my new print and then it struck me – why not write what I feel about nature? So I did. My spirit truly did come to life when I left the city and rediscovered how much I love nature. The feelings that nature evokes led me to start my altar collection back in 2016, it led me to adopt Alice, and it has given me a deep sense of connection to the world, both near and far.

Squam Art Fair will be my first market of the Fall season and I'll have tees & towels with this new print to celebrate the magic of Squam. 

Until then, enjoy these last weeks of summer and all that nature inspires.

from inspiration to printed textile

poppy fairy by Cicely Mary Barker.jpg
flower fairy painting 2.jpg
wonder watercolor painting by Phoebe Stout of Untold Imprint
Wonder Altar printed towel in poppy red by Untold Imprint

I grew up with Cicely Mary Barker's beloved flower fairy books on my shelf. I loved looking at all the details in her paintings and would imagine living right there beside those sweet forest folk. When I set out to paint an altar dedicated to the world of imagination, her work was what came to mind first. My 'Wonder' towel was inspired by her Poppy Fairy – partly because poppies are my favorite flower, and partly because I so wanted to do a print in a cheerful poppy red color for Spring. My fairy's wings are hidden in my painting – a nod to Kira in The Dark Crystal, who didn't reveal her gorgeous gossamer wings until exactly the right moment. 

Wonder is available now in my shop as cotton towels in both dusty mauve pink & poppy red

Sleeveless tees are coming soon ...

screen print inspiration & process

photograph of fern used for print inspiration
watercolor painting of fern by Phoebe Stout of Untold Imprint
painting fern pattern with drawing fluid on printing screen - Untold Imprint
Fern cotton towel by Untold Imprint

Since I just shared some images of my block print process, I thought I'd post a few photos of my screen printing process this week. Much of my work is inspired by natural elements that I find on walks. The inspiration for this pattern was a beautiful fern I found in the swamps that border the lake. It measured about 24 inches in length and the finished printed pattern is the same scale. The photos above show my watercolor painting and the in-progress painting of the pattern on the screen with a liquid called drawing fluid. Drawing fluid masks the area of the screen that you'd like to print with so that when you cover the screen with screen filler, the drawing fluid can be washed away and the ink can pass through that area. These new cotton Fern towels will be available in my shop this week, along with another pattern that combines both processes of screen and block printing.


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