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waldorf holiday fair

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia Holiday Fair was this weekend and I’m officially in love, not only with the school, but also the parents, children and faculty of this amazing community. I had such a great time and was so lucky to share the Third Grade classroom with three incredibly talented and warm women - Marlis, Susan and Anna.

Marlis crafts one-of-a-kind wooden puzzles. She was using her grandmother’s old pedal jigsaw at the show to make puzzles of children’s handprints, right in front of our eyes. It was fascinating and so entertaining. My niece is now one of the lucky owners of these darling creations. You can custom order special keepsake puzzles by contacting Marlis at

Susan makes the most wonderfully scented and natural soaps. She uses all essential oils and has the excellent philosophy of only creating products that she absolutely loves. I snagged one of her Patchouli bars (my favorite) and also a small French Clay bar, which I can’t wait to lather on my face tonight.

And Anna, a jewelry designer with an incredible gift for making everything feel like it’s been pulled from another era. She incorporates sterling silver, vintage brass findings and semi-precious stones to create each piece. Her craftsmanship is remarkable. The beautiful glass earrings I bought went directly onto my ears. They remind me of something but I can’t quite place it…maybe it was something I owned in a past life.

Thanks to The Waldorf School and my roommates for a fantastic weekend!

my market satchel & the unknown


Yesterday, I needed to sew. From the moment I woke, that’s all I wanted to do. To clear my mind of all the questions that lie ahead of me, all the unknowns and decisions that have to be made. So, I pulled out all my old scraps of leather and misprinted hemp canvas and started to sew with little idea of what I would make. It’s amazing how therapeutic it is to create something without knowing what the outcome will be. I felt so much lighter as I was clearing the cut threads from my table. The added reward for listening to my inner voice - I made a perfect little imperfect satchel for the market I’m doing at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia next week. Somewhere to keep my business cards, phone and receipts right at my hip.  I wonder if ten years from now, I’ll look at this satchel and remember what I was feeling when I made it. No doubt, the unknown that lies ahead of me in life will yield some wonderful rewards too.


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