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sometimes i wish

There's a song by Colin Hay called 'Sometimes I Wish'. It's often in my head when I take walks with Alice and pass beautiful abandoned houses, or see the old green Ford pickup truck, that I often see, on one of the back roads near my house. The song is about the way things once were and aren't anymore, and wishing he could have lived during those earlier times, despite the hardships. Sometimes when I see a row of country mailboxes by the road or linger in front of one of those forgotten houses, I too wish I could have lived during another time. Sometimes.

brimfield bound

I'll be at Brimfield Antique Show all next week with loads of beautiful textiles and other vintage & antique treasures. 

If you're in the area, please stop by and say hello.

You can find me at New England Motel field ~ booth 169 ~ Tuesday through Saturday. 

* During this time, my online shop will remain open, but all orders placed between Sunday May 10th and Tuesday May 19th will ship on Wednesday May 20th. 

rita sue

Last year around this time I bought a 1940s bisque doll at an antique shop and posted about her on my blog. Finding Libby led me to successfully search out the collection of bisque dolls that my sisters and I had as children. I'm planning to photograph all of them over time and add them to my vintage photography postcard collection. Rita Sue (above) is the first beauty in the series. Alice fell in love with her too!

{for fellow fans of the series Carnivale – you may have noticed that Libby and Rita Sue are named after two of my favorite characters from the show.}


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