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I was beating myself up for missing the self-imposed deadline of Feb 1st for the launch of my new website and online shop, but then I decided to cut me some slack and go with the flow. I've also learned that domain mapping is not my strong suit. So, I'm a few days late and that's ok. I'm here now, and it feels really great to have a new space. 

A few other new things ...

This is my first winter with a dog, which means lots of walks in the very deep snow with Alice. She and I have explored areas of the lake that I'd never been to before. 

I was in New York this past weekend to visit my sister and niece, and to see Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibit at MOMA. No photos allowed! But I did snap a photo of this new acquisition that I fell in love with. It's a draped canvas by Sam Gilliam. Would love to see more of his work in person.

A new shop means some new prints and products. I'm very excited about the Organic Cotton and Hemp bath towels that are in my shop. I'm not a fan of terry towels and have used linen towels for the past several years until I recently found this pique woven fabric that I think is wonderful. 

All the while, working (and playing) away these long winter days, I've been wearing my new Marsh Shawl from Alma Boheme. It was a Christmas gift from my mom and I wear it all the time. It's so beautiful, so soft, incredibly warm and comforting and it makes me feel wonderful – my cloak of calm.


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