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new moon

New Moon watercolor painting by Phoebe Stout for Untold Imprint

I started painting this print on November 6th, 2018. There was something about the energy and excitement of the day made me feel so deeply that I should start working on a new pattern. It turned out to be a historic day for women, and for our country – a new beginning.

One of my favorite quotes is by Arundhati Roy ~ “A new world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” I think of it so often these days, and had it playing on a loop in my head on November 6th and 7th. A new world is truly on her way, led by the most inspiring and courageous women.

I sat with the start of this painting over the holidays, revisiting it – letting my thoughts wander, my body feel. I generally work this way. I’ll start a new pattern and then over the course of a few days, or sometimes weeks, I think about it and let the painting evolve slowly, adding to it and revising. This one led me to the new moon, a time of rebirth. I set an intention for finishing it on the weekend of January 5th, 2019 and cut my screen to begin printing the following week. It all felt so right and good, as if pieces were falling into place. I don’t ever print a pattern that I don’t love, but there are sometimes patterns that I feel more connected to than others. This is certainly one of them. I hope it will bring to you all the positive vibes and faith that it has sparked in me.

New Moon celebrates new beginnings ~ brought forth by the creative, wise, and intuitive energy of our cosmic mother.

The start of my ‘New Moon’ pattern with the names of just some of the incredible, awe-inspiring women who ran for office on Nov 6th.

The start of my ‘New Moon’ pattern with the names of just some of the incredible, awe-inspiring women who ran for office on Nov 6th.

holiday markets

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Love Altar tee 3.jpg

It's hard to believe that it's already December and that my last two markets of 2017 are here. I'll be at Kimberton Waldorf Artisan Fair on Friday night from 6 - 10 pm & Saturday from 10 - 4pm. And then on Sunday I'll be at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for Clover Market's first Gifted Market from 11 - 5 pm. Both are perfect spots to do your holiday handmade shopping and have a bite to eat. Find more details on my EVENTS page.

summer tees

Divine Feminine Altar sleeveless tee in dusty pink by Untold Imprint
Divine Fem & Buddha print sleeveless tees by Untold Imprint
Buddha Altar print tee by Untold Imprint
Buddha print in metallic gold ink on white t-shirt ~ hand printed by Untold Imprint

new Divine Feminine & Buddha Altar sleeveless tees. Summer was calling for a pink goddess and gold Buddha, so I answered the call. Sometimes it feels really uplifting to wear an empowering symbol – to express your spirit through color and meaningful imagery. These prints mean so much to me, and I've had so many people tell me that this altar series resonates with them as well. As a maker, there is nothing that brings me more happiness. 

Happy Summer everyone. Embrace your feminine power & light up the world. 💕


Though "we may not live to see the glory," as the song from the musical Hamilton goes, "let us gladly join the fight." Let our legacy be about "planting seeds in a garden you never get to see."
That's why we're here...not just in this hall, but on this Earth. The founders showed us that. And so have many others since. They were drawn together by love of country and the selfless passion to build something better for all who follow. That is the story of America. And we begin a new chapter tonight.
Yes, the world is watching what we do. Yes, America's destiny is ours to choose. So let's be stronger together, my fellow Americans. Let’s look to the future with courage and confidence. Let’s build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country. And when we do, America will be greater than ever.

Hillary Clinton spoke those words when she accepted the nomination as the Democratic party’s nominee for president of the United States on July 28th 2016 in Philadelphia, PA. As I watched her speak, I was overwhelmed by a sense of deep pride, which I had never felt during an election. This was it. A woman, and not just any women – Hillary Clinton, a woman who I respect and admire so very much, was going to be our next president.

The world is watching what we do. Those words, on that night, struck me as the words that I would remember. They meant something about this country that I live in. A country of diversity and inclusion, where freedom is protected, and the chance at a good life is possible. A country that offers aid to those in need, and works tirelessly at strengthening alliances with others to promote peace and well being. Those words were a reminder of just how wonderful this place, that I am lucky enough to call home, truly is. Today, seven weeks later, those words serve as an equally powerful but very different reminder. In a time of growing fear and anger, I look to Hillary’s courage as my north star and see the road ahead as an opportunity to lead by example each day. Actions and thoughts, big and small – the world is watching what we do.

In the days after the election, like so many Americans, I mourned for our country. My heart is broken. I’m still processing what happened and coming to grips with the reality of the results. That doesn’t mean though, that I’m accepting this new administration and its plans to plunge us into division and silence. I will not go back to life as usual, let someone else figure it out, and hope for the best. Each day there are countless ways to learn, take action, and move forward. This nightmare can become a gift, if we rise up – not with violence or hate – but with fiery perseverance and one another.

I’m traveling to DC on January 21st for the Women’s March on Washington. I will join my mom, two sisters, and almost 200,000 others to make our voices heard. I will march for my niece, for women who are victimized and abused, for every person’s right to make decisions about their own bodies, and to carry the torch that Hillary Clinton ignited in me through the streets of Washington DC for all the world to see. This is just one in many, many steps that I’ll take on what looks to be a very long road.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a leading figure of the early women's rights movement, once said, “The best protection any woman can have is courage.”

May we each find our courage and learn to wield it as an instrument of change. 

My sister Zoe and me at a Hillary rally in August 2016.

My sister Zoe and me at a Hillary rally in August 2016.

Me and my Mom after casting our votes for Hillary on November 8th 2016.

Me and my Mom after casting our votes for Hillary on November 8th 2016.

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