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tassels aka pocket garlands

tassel clip in shades of aqua blue by Untold Imprint
grey and peach tassel clip by Untold Imprint.
pocket garland tassels for key fobs or bag decoration. Handmade by Untold Imprint
detail of a 'Wanderlust' tassel key fob or pocket garland. Handmade by Untold Imprint.

After two years of making torn fabric garlands, I have a lot of unused cotton strips. These mainly come from the selvedge of the fabric, which is a bit stiffer in hand than the cotton I use to make the garlands. I started saving these and using them as ribbons for gifts or in lieu of twine for tying up vintage items that were headed to markets. Then an idea started to take shape one night at yoga class. I know that I'm not supposed to be thinking about anything other than my inhale and exhale, but often my best uncluttered thinking comes when I'm on a yoga mat. I was imagining little tiny pocket garlands - kind of like garlands that travel and can be used as key fobs or a little decoration for your handbag or tote. So I found some lovely antique brass colored clips and sweet little bells for a soft sound. They make great stocking stuffers and I'll have a whole bunch at the Brooklyn Waldorf School Winter Fair this Saturday. Join us for a day of holiday shopping!


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