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squam art workshops

squam art workshops
squam art workshops

Many of you may know that I was recently at Squam Art Workshops for their Spring Art Fair and that I fell in LOVE with everything about the place. It was a magical evening among the trees, on a beautiful lake, with the kindest and most creative people. Sounds pretty much like heaven, right? If you follow Squam (and you should!) you've seen a gorgeous, ethereal, woven heart filled with twinkling white lights in many of their photos. Well, that heart was made by the extraordinary Harriet Goodall. Harriet is a sculptural basket maker and she led a workshop at Squam last year called, Gift of the Heart, where she shared her process and taught how to make the exquisite heart shape sculpture. Here's the most exciting part – Squam is offering Harriet's workshop online this summer through August 31st ! That means that from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, you can experience the magic of Squam. 

All the info you need to join the class is detailed in this link: 

Gift of the HEART Workshop with Harriet Goodall

HUGE thanks to Elizabeth, Squam's magnificent leader, for being a torchbearer in the handmade community – nurturing endless opportunities of connection, learning, and creative goodness. 

Happy Summer and Joyful Weaving! I'll 'see' you in class . . .

(...below are a few more of my favorite moments from my weekend at Squam Lake)

View from Rattlesnake Mountain at Squam lake

View from Rattlesnake Mountain at Squam lake

Chatting with customers at the Squam Spring Art Fair

Chatting with customers at the Squam Spring Art Fair

Squam Lake
Squam Lake

a short long weekend

My niece just stayed with me for a long Fall weekend that went by in a flash. We jumped in the leaves, still a little wet from the rain. She learned and I re-learned how to crochet. We played games- Fibber, Candyland & Monopoly. We read books and talked and danced to our favorite songs. She even tried on my torn fabric skirts and I snapped a couple of beautiful photos as she twirled around. She's the biggest part of my heart and my pint-size Muse.

eco printing

I finally had a chance to do some eco printing (or eco dyeing) this weekend. It's so satisfying creating pattern and color from all natural materials. It was my first attempt and I'm completely hooked. Would love any tips or suggestions from more experienced natural dyers. 

Below are the simple steps that I took in order to create the fabric you see above.

Step 1: collect flower petals, leaves, berries, moss

Step 2: wet fabric and lay flat

Step 3: sprinkle or arrange your natural findings on the fabric.

Step 4: roll fabric tightly and wrap with twine

Step 5: let sit in a warm sunny spot for several days or steam in a pot for 1 - 1.5 hours (I steamed because I was eager to see the results)

Step 6: let stand and cool as long as possible (as long as possible for me was approximately 45 minutes)

Step 6: unroll, rinse and let fabric dry 

* You may also mordant the fabric prior to these steps in order to set the color and increase lightfastness.

la churreria

A beautiful new café opened in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City this month. It’s called La Churreria and it serves mouth-watering golden churros with chocolate for dipping and delicious pressed Spanish sandwiches. I had the privilege of making aprons for the staff and when I visited yesterday to drop off a new batch, I was so excited to see how amazing the aprons looked in action. It’s exactly the kind of place where I would want my linens to find a home so I’m very grateful to Livia Manfredi, La Churreria’s extraordinary manager, for finding me and supporting my work. If you’re in NYC, anywhere at all in NYC, make a point to stop in and relax at one of the cozy tables. 284 Mulberry Street bet Houston & Prince. And check out the article and slideshow of photos on The New York Times that pictures one of the towels I printed for the café.


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