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longing for winter

winter lake scene | photo by Phoebe Stout
woodland door | photo by Phoebe Stout
black bear tracks | photo by Phoebe Stout
Alice in the trees | photo by Phoebe Stout
two paths | photo by Phoebe Stout
tiny details | photo by Phoebe Stout
boardwalk in winter | photo by Phoebe Stout

I've always loved stories set in cold, snowy places. The more remote and isolated the better. There's a quiet in the bleakness of winter that's unlike any other setting or season, and just under the surface of that stillness is a beautiful mystery.  

For many years, I wasn't able to fully appreciate that stillness because I was living in the city. Even during the severest of snowstorms, and even when the city "shuts down", there's still movement and noise – it's less, but it's there. Living in a rural Pennsylvania has allowed me to experience the much desired feeling I had only known vicariously through books or film.

When I take walks with Alice now, and the only sound is our breath and the crunch under our feet, I feel like I'm finally getting to know the winter that I had always longed for.

rita sue

Last year around this time I bought a 1940s bisque doll at an antique shop and posted about her on my blog. Finding Libby led me to successfully search out the collection of bisque dolls that my sisters and I had as children. I'm planning to photograph all of them over time and add them to my vintage photography postcard collection. Rita Sue (above) is the first beauty in the series. Alice fell in love with her too!

{for fellow fans of the series Carnivale – you may have noticed that Libby and Rita Sue are named after two of my favorite characters from the show.}


I thought I'd share one of the songs that I've been listening to quite a bit lately. It seemed to be a sweet match for these photos of Libby. She's a 'Peg O' My Heart' bisque doll, made by the K & H company in Santa Clara, Calif in the 1940s. I found her last week while searching for vintage textiles for my shop and I just can't bear to part with her.

the song is:  We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye performed by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra & Mildred Bailey, 1932.


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