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cloudy with a chance of beads

Due to torrential downpours and flooding in Philadelphia, I arrived at my first ever bead show one hour before it closed yesterday. This is not recommended. With no map and the minutes ticking away, I pretty much ran through the expo center. Serendipity intervened when I decided to slow down and stop at the first booth that caught my eye, they didn’t have what I was in search of (Thai, African and Indian antique and handmade beads) but when I asked the gracious shop owner if she had any suggestions, she pointed to a booth directly across from her and said, “he has what you’re looking for.” And he did. I could have spent an entire day happily sifting through his treasures, let alone the countless other booths that I never even made it to but there’s always next year. Keep an eye out for new creations in my Etsy shop using my gorgeous finds.

I heart Bead Fest 2011.


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