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Goddess Banner Pennant on rustic natural hemp with metallic gold print by Untold Imprint
Wild Altar banner with mama wolf & pup, feathers, and evergreen trees
'Love' banner art by Untold Imprint
Wall hanging with Mother Earth Altar printed on natural earthy hemp textile by Untold Imprint

I must admit, I'm not quite sure what to call these new pieces of textile art that I've been making. I refer to them as wall hangings in my shop, but noticed that they are often called banners or pennants by other makers. This seems to be a recurring problem I have. With keywords, tags, and titles being so important, I'm often struggling to successfully describe something that I've made in a concise 20 character string of words. So, my method for now has been to describe the item a bit differently in each listing. Is this confusing? I'm not sure. I know that I hear customers refer to my garlands in so many different ways that it prompted me to adopt this practice and introduce the words banner, bunting, backdrop, in my various listings. 

All this SEO stuff aside, these are my new wall hanging pennant banner flags! They are screen printed with my Altar collection prints in an antique metallic gold water-based ink on natural rustic hemp linen. Three cotton loops at the top slip over a natural wooden dowel, and a length of torn cotton ribbon in the same color as the loops is included for hanging. I think they'd look beautiful in a nursery, bedroom, living room, office, or even a kitchen. 

I wrote about my Altar series in a previous post, if you'd like to read more about them, here is the entry: Altar Collection


'Mai' moss green hemp half apron - worn with large vintage glass pendant necklace and Kanae wrap bracelet. all handmade by Untold Imprint
Untold Imprint hemp aprons.
Charcoal blue 'Sovereign' hemp full apron dress. Handmade by Untold Imprint.
ochre hemp linen cafe apron by Untold Imprint.
'Fray' lilac hemp full apron. Hand made by Phoebe Stout for Untold Imprint.
hemp aprons 'curing' after screen printing. handmade by Untold Imprint.
lilac 'Fray' half apron. hand printed & dyed by Untold Imprint.

Full and half aprons are restocked in my SHOP

I recycle and reuse my printing screens when I've grown tired of a pattern. It requires some serious elbow grease to clean them but it's a good way to keep my supply inventory manageable. There are, however, many patterns that I've used consistently over the years and just can't give up. I've found that sometimes all it takes to give new life to an old pattern is a different color. I printed my 'Mai' pattern in deep moss green on a batch of aprons and it's definitely a keeper.

a torn pocket

On one of my recent vintage rummaging days, I came across an apron from the 1940s. It was made from a red and white apple print textile that had clearly been worn a lot in its first life. It was more colorful and whimsical than my usual preference but I ended up buying it because there was something about it that I really liked. As with all old things, it had a story. One of the threads of its story was a torn pocket, and to me this made the tiny cotton apron special. For days after bringing it home, I kept thinking of this torn pocket and the feelings it generated. Peacefulness, curiosity, sentimentality... and a knowing sense that something ‘flawed’ is perfect in its imperfection. As I get older, I’m attracted to people and things that are comfortable and curious with their inner conflicts, transparent in their messiness and sometimes even celebratory of it. When I designed my new line of aprons, I kept this in mind. The hemp textile I used has incredible texture, inconsistencies and character.

I tried to preserve these traits, as best I could, by leaving raw edges that show the distress of the weaving and garment dyeing the aprons to encourage variations of shade on the stitching and folds. I guess this is kind of a long way of expressing how happy I am for small moments in life that influence my creative work.

To read & see more about my new hemp aprons, please visit my online SHOP


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