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Reverie Altar watercolor painting by Phoebe Stout of Untold Imprint
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original watercolor paintings by Untold Imprint
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My recent trip to Tulum, Mexico was, in many ways, like a dream come true. Having time away to relax and read on the beach was the most wonderful vacation I could imagine. And then add to that, the beautiful setting, warm people, and all-day sunshine – well, it all feels kind of like a daydream.

I was floating in the ocean one day, looking down at my toes, painted fuchsia red against the gorgeous blue green ocean, and I thought – I need to paint these colors.

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the gift of slow making

Untold Imprint Naturally Dyed Fading Light Mini Garland
Untold Imprint Natural Dyed Fading Light Mobile
Untold Imprint naturally dyed cotton
Untold Imprint Naturally Dyed Forest Mobile
Untold Imprint Naturally Dyed Forest Garland

Loop London in London, England is carrying a small, limited-edition collection of my naturally dyed garlands and mobiles. I'm so honored to have my work at Loop. Not only am I an admirer of Susan and her beautiful shop, but this project was truly a gift to work on. The process of making these stretched out over a few weeks. I watched the color stories develop little by little, making adjustments, adding new colors I hadn't planned on, and ultimately giving my creative intentions the space to breathe and expand. This kind of process always results in work I'm most happy with but I don't always have the luxury of working this way. It came at such a perfect time too – during these cold, dark winter months when I can often feel a bit stuck. I have so much love for small, women-owned businesses supporting one another and encouraging our creativity to shine brightly. 

If you're in London, you can shop my garlands in person at Loop, or find them in their online shop as well. 

There are just a few of the garlands from this batch in my own shop here : Natural Garlands


Inspired by my love of vintage fairs and exotic markets ~ these new garlands are all naturally dyed with things like crushed Marigold flowers and powder made from the heart of the Logwood tree. Simple curved shapes with raw edges in earthy colors, and a brass bead at the bottom of each hand torn flag. They speak to my nostalgic sensibilities & transport me to another place. I think we could all do with a bit more wonder in the everyday. 


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