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block print inspiration & process

watercolor painting of branches for block print
carving blocks for printing
detail of block carving in process
block printed fabric, naturally dyed with marigold & pomegranate 
block printed, naturally dyed headbands 

It's so rare that I document my process. Most projects end with me thinking - too bad I didn't keep those branches, or photograph my block carving in progress. Well, I'm finally learning from past regrets. Here's a little glimpse into designing my block print patterns ~ from nature's inspiration to finished product (in this case - naturally dyed organic jersey headbands for my Spring markets). 

naturally dyed poncho tees

Three different colors/patterns of poncho tees coming with me to Clover Market this weekend. The peachy-mauve color is from avocado skins & pits. The grey ponchos are dyed with Cutch and then bundle printed with wet leaves that had fallen during a big rain storm. And lastly, the sage green is pomegranate and iron salts - a favorite combination of mine. 

I designed these with the idea that the block printed pattern on the Mauve & Sage ponchos would run down the back, but they look just as great with the pattern on the front. Perfect layered with long sleeve tees in the Fall and worn slightly off the shoulder in summer. 

One of the things I love about working with natural dyes is that everything is truly one-of-a-kind. It's almost impossible to get the same result twice. These will be in my online shops in a couple of weeks. 

squam art fair

I'll be at Squam Art Workshops this Saturday for their annual Spring Art Fair. Above is a glimpse of some new things I've been making for the fair – scarves, wall hangings, garlands...

Squam is such a beautiful place and the art fair is magical. Needless to say, I'm completely thrilled to be returning for my second year as a vendor. It's definitely worth the trip for an evening of shopping, beer, and creative conversation. Hope to see you there! 


clover market

Clover Market is tomorrow in Bryn Mawr, PA.

I'll have all sorts of new things – block printed project bags, mini garland mobiles (both shown above), naturally dyed baby blankets & hats, aprons, towels, jewelry, and lots of SALE items too. 

Hope you'll come, say hello, and do some Mother's Day shopping. It's 10 - 5pm, rain or shine... hopefully, shine.


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