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belle armoire magazine feature

Belle Armoire magazine - Untold Imprint feature 
Untold Imprint feature in Belle Armoire magazine - Summer 2016
Untold Imprint hemp aprons featured in Belle Armoire Summer 2016

A few months ago, I was asked by Danielle Williams, the editor of Belle Armoire magazine, if I'd like to share a story about my work in the Summer 2016 issue. I had never written for a magazine before and that kind of intimidated me, but I quickly tossed my fears aside and jumped at the chance to be featured in the publication. I'm a big fan of Stampington & Company magazines, they're so inspiring and always filled with very genuine, honest articles, written by people like you and me. There's a comfortable feeling of fellowship in the pages that I appreciate. So often we get snippets of ideas and images on social media and crave to know more about the behind-the-scenes thought process or inspiration. Belle Armoire gives artists and designers a stage to share their words, photography, and creations. When I sat down to write the article, I decided that I would just start typing – words, ideas, fragments of thoughts, whatever came to mind when I thought about my aprons. I was surprised to find that the story just flowed out of me without any stress or worry. No doubt, that was in part due to the encouragement from Danielle to "have fun" when writing, and to the creative atmosphere that Belle Armoire fosters. I'm honored to be a part of the latest issue where I talk about my hemp aprons – what inspired me to make them, and the process of giving them a history. 

The summer issue of Belle Armoire is on newsstands now and also available to order online


'Mai' moss green hemp half apron - worn with large vintage glass pendant necklace and Kanae wrap bracelet. all handmade by Untold Imprint
Untold Imprint hemp aprons.
Charcoal blue 'Sovereign' hemp full apron dress. Handmade by Untold Imprint.
ochre hemp linen cafe apron by Untold Imprint.
'Fray' lilac hemp full apron. Hand made by Phoebe Stout for Untold Imprint.
hemp aprons 'curing' after screen printing. handmade by Untold Imprint.
lilac 'Fray' half apron. hand printed & dyed by Untold Imprint.

Full and half aprons are restocked in my SHOP

I recycle and reuse my printing screens when I've grown tired of a pattern. It requires some serious elbow grease to clean them but it's a good way to keep my supply inventory manageable. There are, however, many patterns that I've used consistently over the years and just can't give up. I've found that sometimes all it takes to give new life to an old pattern is a different color. I printed my 'Mai' pattern in deep moss green on a batch of aprons and it's definitely a keeper.

cafe aprons

I’ve had a number of people write to me in the past few months and ask about turning my towels into cafe and half aprons. I love when customers spur on a new project. Well, it's been on my very long To Do list and I finally had a chance to sit down at the sewing machine this weekend and make a few. I’ve been wearing one while printing and cooking and I'm now tempted to start wearing them out and about as little half-pinafores over my dresses. You can check them out in my Etsy shop




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