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lake life

arrival of the geese

morning water lilies

baby Heron

maybe a new textile pattern

fairy garden I made with my niece (this is the al fresco dining area)

It’s been a quiet summer on my blog. There’s been a lot going on and a great deal of contemplation as well. Most of you know that I left my New York apartment in the spring without a new home to move into. I wanted my next step to unfold in its own time and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I didn’t rush things. I’ve been staying with my family for the past six months, mostly at my parents' lake house in Pennsylvania where I have my make-shift studio set up. I always knew that I loved visiting the lake but this was my first extended stay here. I’ve been going for kayak rides every day and watching the family of Great Blue Herons that live here. I’m becoming quite a bird enthusiast which has really surprised me. These blessings, being connected to nature and living more simply, is now a way of life that I can’t see myself giving up. I’m looking for a place of my own at the lake and I have just the little cottage in mind. Hopefully, I’ll have some news and photos to share soon. In the mean time, Autumn is on the horizon and it’s time for a friend’s wedding, a few concerts, starting a new class and holiday market season! Embrace change, indeed.


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