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spring market season

block printed, naturally dyed headbands by Untold Imprint
textile jewelry with handmade and vintage amulets by Untold Imprint
naturally dyed soy jersey knit bracelets by Untold Imprint

My first market of 2016 is Clover Market this Sunday in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. 

I really love selling at markets. During non-market months, I feel a bit sad without that date to look forward to. A large part of my market joy comes from meeting customers and other makers. Four years ago, when I signed on to do my first holiday Waldorf fair, I would have never guessed that my introverted, loner personality would enjoy the long days of putting myself and my creations on display and interacting with so many people. But I do enjoy the interaction, and at the end of a show I'm absolutely exhausted in the best way possible. 

There's something very gratifying in every step of the market process. The set-up, which is physical and can be quite demanding, makes me appreciate my health and my body for all that I'm able to accomplish. Arranging and displaying my work is an extension of the creative process. Creating a booth is like creating a traveling shop. The opportunity to build a stage for your products on which they feel at home, is a learning experience that I can draw on later when I'm photographing products for online sales. Selling at markets also allows me to offer things that I might not sell online. I can make a small batch of seasonal goods – knitted wool cuffs in winter, or naturally dyed jersey cuffs in spring. Selling online requires a lot of steps in order to get your product in front of people – making, packaging, photographing, writing descriptions and titles, calculating shipping weights, and then actually listing the item. The comparative quickness of making something and immediately offering it to customers, can be sheer creative freedom. 

So now that market season has begun, my heart is happy. Hope you'll visit me at an upcoming show

This Sunday, April 24th – Clover Market from 10-5 pm in Bryn Mawr, PA

May 11 - 14th - Brimfield

June 5th – Clover Market in Bryn Mawr, PA

brimfield bound

I'll be at Brimfield Antique Show all next week with loads of beautiful textiles and other vintage & antique treasures. 

If you're in the area, please stop by and say hello.

You can find me at New England Motel field ~ booth 169 ~ Tuesday through Saturday. 

* During this time, my online shop will remain open, but all orders placed between Sunday May 10th and Tuesday May 19th will ship on Wednesday May 20th. 


It was a perfect week at Brimfield's September show. Sunny skies and the usual mix of eclectic, bizarre and beautiful things. Brimfield never seems to disappoint. As soon as we drive onto Route 20 in Sturbridge, before I even see the tents, I feel the excitement. While walking the fields on my selling breaks, I snapped a few photos of some treasures that were begging to come home with me. 

I'm already thinking about May.


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