my summer vacation

Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine
Ogunquit, Maine
Ogunquit Beach in Ogunquit, Maine
Camping in Wells, Maine

Since starting my own business, I haven't really taken a vacation. At least not the one to two week overseas type that I became accustomed to when I was in my corporate life. Vacations require time away from work as well as some saved money. Being a one-person shop, there's no one to step in and take over for me while I'm away, and money – well, almost all of the money I make goes right back into my business. So these days, my vacations are a great deal shorter and much closer to home. A few days stolen here and there when I can stop being the boss of myself and just relax. 

This past weekend was one such vacation – three days with my sister Zoe (the saucy siren in the photo above) in New England. We drove to Boston for an overnight to see Pearl Jam at Fenway Park and then headed up to Ogunquit and Wells, Maine, where we camped and spent time at the beach. I think it's been four years since I last stepped foot on a beach and oh how I've missed it. The surf at my feet and gulls flying overhead. It was pretty much perfection. It's also kind of nice to see and feel how I've changed these past few years. I've come to love road trips, and camping, and the raw beauty of the United States. My dream vacation now is to drive across country and sleep under the stars in Yosemite National Park. Someday soon I hope to make that happen. In the mean time, I'll have to ask my very demanding boss if I can get the time off. I have a feeling she might just say yes.


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