diy torn fabric garland kits

Wanderlust torn fabric garland kit by Untold Imprint
contents of Gypsy torn fabric garland DIY kit by Untold Imprint
reusable block print cotton pouch for DIY garland by Untold Imprint

I introduced a new item to my shops this week – DIY torn fabric garland kits in Wanderlust and Gypsy color ways. These kits include everything that you need to make one of my 7 foot torn fabric garlands: hand dyed fabric, length of rope, and my tips and techniques for assembly.

I meet people at shows all the time who love my garlands and express interest in making their own. Some of those same people return to shows months or even years later and tell me that they still haven't had time to make one. I know how it is when your intention and desire to make something doesn't come to fruition because of time. Sometimes the thought of collecting or purchasing all the materials involved can be enough to scrap the whole idea. My hope is that these kits will make it easy for those who like to be involved in the making process by putting all the materials you'll need into one reusable block printed cotton pouch. The bonus is that by making your own, you really can 'make it your own' – you can eliminate one of the colors included to customize your palette, or cut the rope in half to make two shorter 3.5 foot garlands instead of one long 7 foot garland.

* Assembly will take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. If you'd like to make one of these with children, I'd say that they're best for ages 12 and up – some help or supervision may also be needed. 

Lear more about them here: DIY TORN FABRIC GARLAND KITS


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