advent calendar giveaway

The community that I’ve connected with through markets, Etsy and my blog, has been the greatest gift in starting my own business. All you wonderful people have brought a ton of joy into my life. Made me smile, laugh a lot, inspired me and even made me cry from the complete sincerity you’ve expressed in your desire to see me succeed. You’ve proven that by supporting and acknowledging the life potential of another person, your own potential swells. It’s a ridiculously wonderful feeling to know that someone has your back. Everyone should be so lucky.

One of the loving souls I’m speaking of is Vibeke. She is owner and designer of the beautiful blog, A butterfly in my hair. I’m really honored to be included in her Advent calendar giveaway this month. Today you can enter to win one of my Unearth towels, which is very appropriate given the story behind its creation.

Be sure to take some time and meet the other artists featured throughout the month and  let them know how amazing they are. You’ll not only make them smile but you might win some gorgeous treasures too!


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