new york school for the deaf

I recently embarked on something new. I started taking sign language classes. My interest in sign language began at around 8 or 9 years old when I learned a few signs from my Grandmother’s copy of The Joy of Signing. She was taking an American Sign Language class to communicate with my deaf cousin who visited every couple of years. When my Grandmother passed away, I inherited her book and it re-sparked my interest. I started studying a little bit through

Life Print, a free, self-study, ASL website which is a wealth of information. Then in September, I began my first official class at the local community college. It’s just the beginning of what I hope will be a life-long path because over the past few months my appreciation for the language has deepened and I’m more eager to learn than ever. When I walked out of class the first night I had an email from a really kind woman who works at New York School for the Deaf. She asked if I’d be interested in setting up an Untold Imprint booth at their school Holiday Fair. What truly strange and incredible timing! I’m not necessarily someone who believes in fate but several little coincidences like this have cropped up and they've made me feel extra happy about the path of my life.

New York School for the Deaf Holiday Fair is Saturday Dec 1st in White Plains, NY. Please join us! 


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