eco printing

I finally had a chance to do some eco printing (or eco dyeing) this weekend. It's so satisfying creating pattern and color from all natural materials. It was my first attempt and I'm completely hooked. Would love any tips or suggestions from more experienced natural dyers. 

Below are the simple steps that I took in order to create the fabric you see above.

Step 1: collect flower petals, leaves, berries, moss

Step 2: wet fabric and lay flat

Step 3: sprinkle or arrange your natural findings on the fabric.

Step 4: roll fabric tightly and wrap with twine

Step 5: let sit in a warm sunny spot for several days or steam in a pot for 1 - 1.5 hours (I steamed because I was eager to see the results)

Step 6: let stand and cool as long as possible (as long as possible for me was approximately 45 minutes)

Step 6: unroll, rinse and let fabric dry 

* You may also mordant the fabric prior to these steps in order to set the color and increase lightfastness.


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