ludid ryu

Hand painted card. Ludid Ryu

Hand painted bookmark. Ludid Ryu

A few weeks ago I learned of a Craft It Forward Project from artist

Ludid Ryu’s inspiring blog

. I immediately added my comment to her post and was thrilled when I received an email saying that I’d be one of the five to continue the project and receive something handmade from Ludid. A package of thoughtful creations arrived in my mailbox shortly thereafter– I’d been admiring Ludid’s

Little happy house print

since we met on Etsy last year and am now searching for a frame worthy to display it. Her

Life of Threads

wrap is already around a small vase on my desk and her handpainted cards and bookmark are tucked in several books by my bedside table. Her work is sincere and heartfelt, beautifully recognizing the inherent comfort that lives in handmade and at the same time her layers of paper, paint and thread are boldly raw and fearless. She is an artist who is truly authentic and she generously allows us to share in her discovery of self. Thank you, Ludid.

. . . . . 

So, now it's my turn to Craft It Forward! I will send something handmade to the first five

people who leave a comment below. Once you receive my package, you will write a blog

post about what you received and continue the project by sending something handmade to the first five who comment on your blog post. You may send anything at all as long as it is handmade by you and sent before the end of 2012.


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