christmas tree

I bought a Christmas tree this week, after several years of not having one. It turned out to be a bigger challenge than I thought. Four NYC corner stands and over an hour of searching and I could not find a tree that was quite right. I just decided to forgo the plan and head home to make lunch when I spotted him. Leaning against a box, all by himself, looking like he may have been headed to the mulch bin. A rescue mission, I'd like to think. When I asked about buying the tree, the guys at the stand looked pretty perplexed, they had a brief exchange in Spanish, of which the only words I understood were "Charlie Brown" and then laughed heartily. And in the spirit of the holidays, I laughed with them.

He is the perfect little tree. Decorated with my vintage jewelry collection, since I don't yet own ornaments, he is also a little bit of a nostalgic reminder of many amazing people and times in my life. This may become a tradition.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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