textile jewelry

I like to pack light. In fact, over the years, I’ve been faithful to the same small over-the-shoulder bag for weekend getaways and three week holidays alike. It’s been mostly successful but there are times when I’m longing for another pair of sandals or a favorite scarf that didn't make the cut. In recent months I’ve been on the road a lot and generally packing hurriedly at the last moment. One thing (besides my laptop) that I absolutely never leave home without is a small leather pouch of jewelry. In it are a few key pieces: earrings made by my sister Zoe, my ruby ring from India, my Swiss Army watch and now my new textile necklaces. Textile jewelry is so easy to pack and wear, roll it up and tuck it in the corner of your bag, or better yet, wear it on your travels. I haven’t taken mine off since I finished tying the last knot. 

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