water's edge

 Water's Edge painting by Phoebe Stout for Untold Imprint
 Water's Edge Organic cotton tee by Untold Imprint
 Water's Edge tank dress by Untold Imprint
My spirit found home among great trees, at a water's edge.

I was looking for a quote about nature to accompany my new print and then it struck me – why not write what I feel about nature? So I did. My spirit truly did come to life when I left the city and rediscovered how much I love nature. The feelings that nature evokes led me to start my altar collection back in 2016, it led me to adopt Alice, and it has given me a deep sense of connection to the world, both near and far.

Squam Art Fair will be my first market of the Fall season and I'll have tees & towels with this new print ~ Water's Edge

Until then, enjoy these last weeks of summer and all that nature inspires.

full heart

 Full Heart Altar watercolor painting by Phoebe Stout of Untold Imprint
 Full Heart printed tank by Untold Imprint
 Full Heart tees by Untold Imprint
 Full Heart Wall Hanging by Untold Imprint

Some days I have to remind myself just how lucky I am for all the good in my life. I can get stuck focusing on what I haven't accomplished yet, all the things that I haven't done, places I haven't seen. In a world where social media is so prevalent, it's an easy trap to fall into. But when I notice those thoughts of doubt and inadequacy taking over, and redirect my thoughts to all that I do have and what I have created, I feel truly lucky and blessed – and proud too. Always at the top of my gratitude list is my niece – she brings more joy to this world than I thought possible. When I sat down to paint an altar representing my gratitude for her, and the countless other things in life that make all the negative thoughts melt away – the first image that came to me was a full heart. I could feel it bursting with love and happiness, and I could picture the garlands, streamers, and bountiful flowers, heralding a celebration. You know that feeling you have when you're filled up to the brim and are at peace with what is? We have to hold on to those feelings and keep them near so that on tough days that aren't so filled up we can draw on their energy to pull us though. This full heart altar is a gentle reminder to be grateful everyday for all that we have. 

I'm printing, dyeing, and stitching up lots of new things for Squam Art Fair this Saturday at Rockywold Deephaven Camps in Holderness, NH. I'll have Full Heart Altar wall hangings, cards, & tanks at the fair. It seemed fitting to make these for Squam, since it's a place that always fills my heart.

Gratitude to all of you who help fill it too. 

spring markets

 block printed organic cotton napkins by Untold Imprint

Outdoor market season has begun. Oh happy day! I'll be at Terrain's Dig Into Spring Festival for the Clover Market Pop Up this Saturday. It's the first of my Spring markets and what a great one to begin with. I'll be set up with 21 of my Clover Market maker friends – plus, there will be food, an outdoor bar, crafts, & children's activities too. Terrain is a beautiful home & garden shop/cafe located in Glen Mills, PA. If you're in the area, please come for a visit. I'll have new things that aren't yet listed in my online shop...
~ organic cotton & hemp, block printed napkins
~ and necklaces made with old amulets from India

Find out where Untold Imprint will be next on my calendar of EVENTS

the gift of slow making

Untold Imprint Naturally Dyed Fading Light Mini Garland
Untold Imprint Natural Dyed Fading Light Mobile
Untold Imprint naturally dyed cotton
Untold Imprint Naturally Dyed Forest Mobile
Untold Imprint Naturally Dyed Forest Garland

Loop London in London, England is carrying a small, limited-edition collection of my naturally dyed garlands and mobiles. I'm so honored to have my work at Loop. Not only am I an admirer of Susan and her beautiful shop, but this project was truly a gift to work on. The process of making these stretched out over a few weeks. I watched the color stories develop little by little, making adjustments, adding new colors I hadn't planned on, and ultimately giving my creative intentions the space to breathe and expand. This kind of process always results in work I'm most happy with but I don't always have the luxury of working this way. It came at such a perfect time too – during these cold, dark winter months when I can often feel a bit stuck. I have so much love for small, women-owned businesses supporting one another and encouraging our creativity to shine brightly. 

If you're in London, you can shop my garlands in person at Loop, or find them in their online shop as well. 

There are just a few of the garlands from this batch in my own shop here : Natural Garlands


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