Inspired by my love of vintage fairs and exotic markets ~ these new garlands are all naturally dyed with things like crushed Marigold flowers and powder made from the heart of the Logwood tree. Simple curved shapes with raw edges in earthy colors, and a brass bead at the bottom of each hand torn flag. They speak to my nostalgic sensibilities & transport me to another place. I think we could all do with a bit more wonder in the everyday. 

together we rise

Together We Rise original painting by Phoebe Stout of Untold Imprint

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the biggest day of protests in American history. Just writing that gives me the chills and brings tears to my eyes! To all you fellow marchers, and to those who march in spirit, protest outside your senators offices, donate time and money to worthy organizations, write letters, make phone calls, stand up for what is right and just, and are an everyday force of love in the world ~ Together We Rise!

Small prints and cards of my 2018 Women's March poster are available in my shop. 15% of the proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to Global Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women's mission statement:
'We are a global champion for the human rights of women and girls. We use our powerful networks to find, fund, and amplify the courageous work of women who are building social movements and challenging the status quo. By shining a spotlight on critical issues, we rally communities of advocates who take action and invest money to empower women.'

* * * 
P.S. I'll be marching in my sister's town of Hartford, CT this Saturday. If you happen to be there too and see a mermaid poster, come say hello! 

a new year


The words 'a new year' sound nice. Last year at this time, I remember how sad and scared I was feeling. In some ways, the past twelve months were worse than I could have imagined, yet at the same time, there were countless trials that seemed to pull people together in ways that inspired us even when the road ahead looked bleak. Amidst all the goings on of life and politics, my small business had its best year yet and I'm so very grateful to all of you who helped me make that possible. For your support, encouragement, and friendship – thank you. May 2018 be filled with joy, hope & well-deserved triumphs.

Happy New Year! 

Much love, 


holiday markets

Gift wrap.jpg
Love Altar tee 3.jpg

It's hard to believe that it's already December and that my last two markets of 2017 are here. I'll be at Kimberton Waldorf Artisan Fair on Friday night from 6 - 10 pm & Saturday from 10 - 4pm. And then on Sunday I'll be at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for Clover Market's first Gifted Market from 11 - 5 pm. Both are perfect spots to do your holiday handmade shopping and have a bite to eat. Find more details on my EVENTS page.


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